Forced Away

by Hanno!

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Debut EP, recorded in a shed in the middle of the night with my iPhone.


released June 3, 2017

Shane Wilson - Guitar/Vocals/Production



all rights reserved


Hanno! Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Backseat to Nowhere
It's been seven miles without a word
I'm broken and scared, shaken and stirred
I see you there

I was never afraid, 'til you smashed through the brigade
Went with the windshield, I hoped and I prayed
I would see you there

I'm in a backseat to nowhere
glass shards at my feet
While you're thrown the length of Delaware
I just want to get some sleep
and I hope you're aware
of this suicidal love affair
you teach me
I want to see you there
with flowers in your hair
and not dying in your sleep
Fuck, get me out of this dream

It's been 15 minutes without a sound
I'm clawing at the window, and your body's on the ground
I see you there!

I start to choke, my lungs fill up with smoke
In the midst of asphyxiation, somebody spoke
Is there anybody in there?

I was in a backseat to nowhere
Fire at my feet
While I'm rescued from this nightmare
You're a mile down the street
and I hope you're prepared
To find you're going nowhere
You taught me
I want to see you there
Blood coming from everywhere
Now you're smiling
God, I hope you found your peace
Track Name: Dominions
Im giving up the throne again
It's seat upset A king without a crown
That's how this goes down

I've come so far I climb the wall
It's solid gold and much too tall
So I fall

I know I seem so confident
But naïveté's much more dominant
Though I promise this will turn out right
Victory is nowhere in sight
Nowhere in sight

I curl myself into a ball
anything to make me feel small
If I can feel at all

I try my best do all i can
anything to be a better man
but I don't have a plan

This plot it seems so pointless now
And how it ends no one know how
No one can figure it out
Track Name: The Scourge/The Tonic
(The Scourge)

I walk down to the river
The martyr and the sinner
On trial for killing the queen
But I emerge unclean

And I walk alone

Sweetheart I forgive ya
But I'm only sweet in Virginia
And before I can concede
I must make you bleed

This you will atone

You probably should have weighed
Your losses before you betrayed
Now my rifle she's feeling hungry
And trembling for the jubilee

She is a cyclone

(The Tonic)

It's not who I want to be
It's not who you want to see

Typically violent urgency
A memento of my fury
I've given my final breath
I've given my final breath

And I walk alone
Track Name: The Mansion Part I: Fog
Dressed up spilled out never even wondered why
Breaths are stale from the stone washed away through the cold
Nothing good will come from gold
Losing sleep tragedy clothed in what ghosts should wear
The burden of the women who felt that they could see spirits
Epithets produced by the red man who sought the frosted hills
He is me.

I've never seen a picture
But still the image haunts me
The times I've wished to strangle him.

Fear me darling I'm not who you see
Fear me constantly darling I'm not who you see even on the inside.
Why can't you hear me?
Why can't you bear me?
Listen to me, I'm broken and torn.
In time you'll see
I hope you'll see
I pray that you might see
I'm so detached, but I feel so close
I'm lying away from you
I'm lying toward me
Nothing's happened but it will send for all my sins
Track Name: Corner
Hidden in the trees
But there for all to see
A body at your feet
All eyes on me

Numb, at the driver seat
Too in shock to leave
A tepid troglodyte waits
What seems an eternity

I don't remember much of
The drive home asleep
My head tight on the windshield
Finally at peace

You cut me out
When I needed you most
Any hurt a thousand-fold
And I hope you see
And I hope you care
That despite all of this
I'm going nowhere

How could I
be saved this time?
Atop the Virgin Mary
I swear it's arbitrary
for you

And all the things that were said about me...
Didn't you all know how I was dying...

Thrown to the curb and I swore
I swore I'd fix it up again
But stubbornness can't be forced away
Then until now I escaped
Immune to the whole human race
but you

cut me out
When I needed you most
Any hurt a thousand-fold
And I hope you see
And I hope you care
That despite all of this
I'm going nowhere

It's fucking crazy I know
He valued your life over mine
And when you pushed him away
Well there was nothing left inside
And now he's died
With his heart melted in his hands
In a purée of flesh and blood
He met his end

You cut him out
when he needed you most
There's blood on the curb and more on the road
I know you think you're rounded
But he's made you corner again.
I know you think you're rounded
Well think again